Oklahoma City area Sporting Clays League
Skins Game Friday League

All Skins Shoots Start at the time specified on our weekly email. Usually 9am in Summer and 10am in Winter. We do have some 1pm start times when requested.

Entry Fee
$30.00 to Course
$10.00 to Skins
$40.00 Total Entry

Skins Game is a fun format to shoot. You shoot the full 10 station course. Each station is considered a skin, so the highest outright score takes the skin. If the skin is not won out right, it goes back into the pool, and the next staion is worth two skins etc.

Beginner is a non money class and people that are just wanting to come and shoot the event but aren't ready to play the money, or for those whom don't find it fun.

Intermediate is a money playing class. Beginners can shoot in this class if they wish to play the money, and then shoot beginners again the next week. Intermediate shooters will typically shoot in the 70s on my course with an occasional 80 to 85.

Professional is the top money playing class. You have to shoot your way into Professional class. It is an honor to shoot amongst the best in the event. Professional shooters are typically A class and higher in NSCA events, while mostly made up of AA and Master Class. To move down from professional class would mean you have a major slump going, or eye trouble, maybe you just haven't been shooting and your game is in a slump. If you shoot above 85 at Clay Bird Sports course regularly you belong in Professional. If you can run most stations on a good day and rarely shoot below a 7 out of 10 on a station you belong in Professional. Any shooter can enter Professional class on any day, if you shoot 85 or better this is where you will stay until you shoot your way back down with consecutive scores below 80. We reserve the right to put anyone in Intermediate or Professional class as we see fit, we will basedecisions on your performance on our course. Our goal is to keep the classes competitive where everyone feels like they can win a skin, if they do their job and shoot a station well.

2016 Schedule

Every Friday that we do not have a NSCA Tournament on Saturday

Start time is disclosed in our weekly email